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Sex With An Older Woman – Where To Pick Up An Older Woman

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Mature women who love sex with a younger guy can be found everywhere and all around you. Unfortunately, most don’t go around with a big sign on their head advertising the fact that they love sex with a young stud. If only that were the case, I’d have banged a whole lot more horny mature babes!

No, there are no openly visible signs or signals that a woman is a cougar but that simply means you have to put in a little effort to discover the willing mature ladies. However, your effort will be amply rewarded with the best sex and erotic experience that any young guy could ever wish for.

Hot and horny mature babes who want to bang younger guys are everywhere and all around. It could be any older woman that you come across and she could be from any walk of life. She could be working behind the cash till at your local supermarket, she could be the receptionist at your regional bank or even the lady who manages the laundry shop. She’s definitely amongst the many school-run moms and housewives, who seem to be frustrated and dissatisfied with their lot.

A Sexy Older Babe Will Hunt You Out

It’s a well-known fact that predatory women hunt in packs. There is no more a chaotic force than a group of women, pissed on booze and in a party spirit. Women in groups will goad one another to do things that they would normal shy away from. A simple dare from her friends will be all the courage a woman needs to tip her over the edge… and into your hands (or bed)!

From experience, restaurants are a fabulous environment to attract and pick up mature women who are sexy, hot and horny. Women will flirt with the waiting staff and make all kinds of suggestive and erotic remarks, especially after an alcoholic drink or two or three.

Alcohol has the power to significantly decrease a woman’s inhibitions and loosen her morals (hopefully her panties, too), allowing her to be more much honest with her thoughts, feelings and views. Whilst most women may become flirty and sexually suggestive, others will be much more adventurous, throwing caution to the winds and leave nothing to the imagination as to what she wants from you!

Every phallic fruit or vegetable will become a sex toy for her and she’ll suggestively ‘perform’ on it, indicating what she’d like to do to you later on. Restaurant industry jargon words such as service, tip, open bar, dessert, main course, banana split, roll etc will now have fabulously dirty, carnal meanings that will gradually build up the sexual tension.

So much so, that it’s not unheard of for a mature woman diner, who may also be a mother and a housewife to someone, to be seen on her knees and performing fellatio on a young waiter in the restaurant toilets or in the service area, (pun intended), after an evening of flirting and sexual titillation.

Get A Job As A Waiter!

Restaurants are favoured haunts for mature women who are seeking out a younger guy to hump. A restaurant is a much more elegant place than a seedy nightclub where few mature ladies will often go. For the older babe, a restaurant has less sexual competition than a nightclub which may be full of younger girls and sexy females. The guys there will be eyeing up the teen / twenty-something girls rather than a horny mature woman. A restaurant environment offers her a choice of the young waiting staff which she can attract and seduce over a few hours without much major interruption. (Disclaimer: I asked a bunch of older woman and they said so.)

It’s not unheard of for a 60-year old grandmother to perform oral sex in the back seat of her Mercedes S-Class in order to please a young waiter who had served her food that evening at the restaurant. (Disclaimer: Yep, you’ve guessed it; true story, happened to me.)

From experience, you will meet some of the nicest women ever in a restaurant and some of the sexiest too. You’ll also come across the lewdest, most obscene women too! They’re great fun. Women who have such open minds and willingly embrace new sexual experiences will teach you a lot too.

Get Out There! Mature Women Are Waiting!

However, don’t restrict your opportunities by taking jobs only at restaurants. Try bars and clubs, women love Tom Cruise type flamboyant barmen, and the free drinks.

How about music festivals? Jeez! You can attract an older babe and bang her over a whole weekend while U2 are playing in the distance. Festivals are all about socialising and fun. You can’t be more social or have more fun than to bang an older, hot and horny woman!

And we haven’t even mentioned gyms, sports clubs, workplaces, training seminars, airports, business outings and many, many more…

Training seminars… hmmmm, away in a hotel for a week with lots of women, paid for by the company, food free, evenings free, lots of booze… what could happen?

Sex With An Older Woman – What A Horny Mature Woman Wants

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Older women who love sex with younger guys are everywhere and all around you. It could be any older woman that you come across and she could be from any walk of life. She could be from your local supermarket working behind the cash register, she could be the accounts manager at your regional bank or even the local council member for your neighbourhood area. Equally, she could be the school-run mom and stay-at-home wife or even the teacher who teaches at the local nursery.

Any Older Woman Could Be A Mature Pervert Lover

There’s no checklist that identifies an older woman who could be likely or willing to take on a younger male lover. But that only means that you shouldn’t discount any woman from being your next older babe sex partner. You should assume that every woman has the potential to become a mature lover for you.

Every mature woman I’ve ever been with has confided in me that the thought of being banged by a younger guy was an immense turn on! Many women fantasise about being taken by a younger guy. Other women are thrilled at the prospect of seducing a younger stud into her bed and in between her legs! Older women are aroused about the thought of sexually educating a novice young lover into sex games and intimate love play. She gets wet knowing that she has the power to turn on a younger guy. (Disclaimer: I asked 6 mature woman lovers and all confirmed the above.)

Mommy Sex Fantasy Taboo

Controversially, some older women secretly harbour an Oedipus Complex (where the fellow marries his mother and has sex with her) and will imagine the younger guy as a substitute for a son. Personally, I can’t see any great problem in that sort of taboo sex play and I have happily played the role of the innocent son with many mature ladies that I was fortunate enough to be humping.

To be honest, when you’re an 18 year old youth, faced with a hot, sexy, horny 42-year old woman on all fours in front of you with her arse in the air, demanding that you penetrate her from behind whilst calling her ‘mom’, you don’t ponder the implications or the inferences. You don’t evaluate the social niceties. You just jump on to her arse as fast as you can shouting ‘Mommy’ at the top of your voice!

Just as if a short-sighted girl mistakes you for Elvis Presley, insisting that you are The King and that you bang her there and then; you don’t waste time to correct her mistake and politely set her straight. No, you do as she says and get on top of her while doing your best cover of Jailhouse Rock!

Older Women Love Cherry!

There is something very dirty about a middle-aged, mature mom taking the virginity of a young man and setting him off on his sexual awakening. Eating the sexual cherry of a young stud is a fantasy that a lot of older women would love to make a reality. It turns her on to think about being the first woman who will take him into her mouth and taste his youthful seed. It makes her wet and horny to fantasise about him penetrating her vagina for his very first time and she imagines tightening her vaginal muscles around his member to hold him inside her. And, of course, she wants to be the first to feel him spray his warm juices inside her.

Older women are aroused by a younger lover’s stamina, strength and willingness to perform again and again for her. She is aroused by the fact that he will maintain a powerful erection and be able to recover his erection quickly and repeatedly after ejaculating all over her. She is extremely turned on to have so much psychological power over him. Don’t make a mistake, here, and think that she’s looking for a submissive male who she can master and subjugate. NO! On the contrary, she wants the man to have physical dominance over her, and have authority, but she wants to know that she controls and influences him; that she pulls the strings.

Younger Virile Stud Turns Her On

The mature woman is excited to know that her young boy-stud can satisfy her every carnal perversion and sexual desire. She will ask her young man to do things to her that she might not to do with her husband or partner. With the young stud under her influence, ready to fulfil her every command, she can be herself and revel in her most deprived sexual fantasies.

Lots of women fantasise about group sex. It’s quite possible she will gently encourage the young guy to invite one or two or three of his friends into the relationship to realise her fantasy of group sex and for double (DP) or triple penetration (TP). Many older women seem to get very aroused by the thought of lots of virile, young guys penetrating her vagina, her anus and down her throat at the same time. For some, this stems from a hidden and secret desire to be ‘used’ by her lovers and to be submissive to groups of men. Some older babes have a compulsion for docile behaviour and crave to be dominated by stronger men and manly lovers.

For the record and from personal experience, this has never involved or resulted in any form of violence or physical harm. Masculine dominance is more a protective kind of shield around the woman; a manly dominance formed through male strength, confidence and self-assurance. A woman wants to feel protected and safe.

Women Want Dominant Men

Sure, sure, sure, doesn’t sound politically correct these days, but that’s how a lot of women, of all ages, want to be treated when engaged in sex play. Remember, no matter how politically correct society becomes, human sexual relationships are the purest form of Nature. For the preservation of the human race, Nature demands that women are attracted to strong, dominant, confident men. Maybe a woman feels that the only time she can safely expose her natural desire to be submissive to a dominant and stronger male is during sex.

For some women, the clearest way to demonstrate her complete and total submission to masculine male authority is to be penetrated in all of her orifices at the same time. The fact that it’s a group of younger guys banging her vaginally, anally and in her mouth simply increases her arousal.

Regardless of your views on political correctness, keep in mind that women are hard-wired to be attracted to confident, assured and ambitious men. She can’t help that; it’s written into her DNA.